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Automatic Test Generation Drives UML Development

Rhapsody's automatic test generator now handles test-case generation for Unified Modeling Language (UML) development.

Extensive, documented testing is key for safety-critical applications like DO-178B-compliant products. The Automatic Test Generator lets UML developers use their UML models to create and execute test cases.

The developer first specifies the scope of coverage, which is one or more classes. The tool then generates a complete set of test cases. It also can read and incorporate user-defined test cases. Test cases can be checked within the modeling environment or on actual hardware. For example, ATG works with I-Logix's Rhapsody Conductor for "white box" testing and will export for "black box" testing.

With early test-case generation, models can be tested in the modeling environment. Results then can be compared with an actual implementation, ensuring that a design matches the actual implementation.


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