Automotive-Qualified DSP Delivers 3X More Audio Processing

Automotive-Qualified DSP Delivers 3X More Audio Processing

Thanks to improvements in hardware and software, Analog Devices’ ADAU1452 SigmaDSP processor executes up to three times more audio-processing algorithms than its predecessors. The company’s SigmaStudio graphical programming tool optimizes the automotive-qualified processor for efficient processing of audio signal flows. It allows for simultaneous time-domain and frequency-domain processing. A 1.2-V, 32-bit digital-signal-processing (DSP) core runs at frequencies up to 294.912 MHz and executes up to 6144 instructions per sample at the standard 48-kHz sample rate. The core architecture enables execution of more than 3000 biquad filters in one program. Expanded data memories can accommodate FIR filters of up to 24,000 taps in length. Clock generators, onboard asynchronous sample-rate converters, and flexible hardware audio routing matrix help simply design of complex multi-rate audio systems. Clock hardware and an integer phase-locked loop generate up to 15 audio sample rates simultaneously. Configurable 48-channel, 32-bit serial ports, stereo S/PDIF interfaces, and multi-purpose I/O pins make it possible to interface to a wide range of data converters, digital audio devices, amplifiers, and control circuitry. It also can directly interface with up to four MEMS microphones using a PDM interface and integrated decimation filter.


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