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Biometric Fingerprint Tool Secures Embedded Devices

A biometric embedded development kit (EDK), FingerCell EDK, enables rapid development of embedded fingerprint identification for doors, gates, computers, and other security-sensitive applications. The device can match 500 fingerprints per second. The FingerCell fingerprint recognition software is based on the company's VeriFinger technology. It performs both verification (1:1 matching) and identification (1:N). FingerCell's algorithms are custom set for the kit's hardware, speeding enrollment times to less than one second. The software provides a false rejection rate (FRR) of 3% and a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.001%. The kit also includes an AuthenTec FingerLoc AF-S2 fingerprint sensor and a 206-MHz Intel StrongARM processor with RS-232 adapter. FingerCell fully tolerates fingerprint translation and rotation, ensuring accurate matching regardless of finger position. The software's code is compact, requiring only 512 kbytes of memory. FingerCell without algorithm source code costs $6000. With the algorithm source code included, FingerCell costs $29,000. No later royalty fees apply.

Neurotechnologija Ltd.; (+370) 5277 3315

TAGS: Intel
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