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Bluetooth Embedded Communications Platform Debuts

The Embedded Communications Platform for Bluetooth developers is a hardware/software package that is meant to simplify the development process by eliminating the need for complex HCI-level programming. The platform includes a complete, embedded Bluetooth-qualified stack with protocols and profiles such as LM, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, GAP, SPP, DUN and LAP. Complementary hardware includes a choice of baseband controllers, radios and complete multichip modules. The platform supports developers working on Bluetooth for mobile communications, medical devices, industrial electronic systems and other cable replacement applications. The Bluetooth-enabled device communicates with the Embedded Communications Platform through an API provided by the Embedded Communication Interface (ECI) host driver. According to the company, developers do not need to know the details of the Bluetooth stack and can concentrate on optimizing the application. ERICSSON MICROELECTRONICS AB, Kista, Sweden. (877) 374-2642.


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