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Bluetooth Test Set Measures EDR/AFH

Introduced as the first test instrument with Bluetooth enhanced data rate (EDR) and adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) testing capabilities, the MT8852B Bluetooth test set represents a unique verification tool for chipset developers, module manufacturers, and developers. The set performs current radio layer measurements defined in the Bluetooth Revision 2.0 EDR standard along with basic rate measurements from a single button. To verify connections with other Bluetooth products, it performs transmitter error vector magnitude and receiver sensitivity tests at the higher data rates associated with EDR. Typical test time is less than 10s for EDR products and all tests can be customized for either extended or high-speed testing. In addition, BlueTest production test software automates creation and running of test scripts, storing results in a database for production-line setup. Starting price is $24,000. ANRITSU CO., Richardson, TX. (800) 267-4878.

Company: ANRITSU CO.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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