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Bus Switch Offers Voltage Translation, Undershoot-Safety

The FSTUD16211 is a 24-bit bus switch with a 5.0- to 3.3-V voltage translation and undershoot-hardened circuitry. Consuming little power, it's well suited for servers, data routers, notebook computers, set-top boxes, network and telecom switches, RAID systems, or any application needing peripheral and network-card hot-swap capability and data integrity.

A 4-Ω on-resistance assures a minimum propagation delay between inputs and outputs. With zero bounce in the flow-through mode, it's compatible with TTL levels. A diode to VCC enables level shifting between 5-V inputs and 3.3-V outputs. Also, it's undershoot-hardened to −2 V at any I/O data port. The protection circuitry responds to an undershoot by preventing voltage differentials from turning on the switch. This ensures that the switch maintains isolation. The FSTD16211 is identical to the FSTUD16211, but it only incorporates 5.0- to 3.3-V voltage translation.

The FSTD16211 and FSTUD16211 come in TSSOPs and cost $1.35 each in lots of 1000. Samples and production quantities are available.

Fairchild Semiconductor, 333 Western Ave., South Portland, ME 04106; (888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036; www.fairchildsemi.com.

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