Electronic Design

The Case For Eclipse

There are many reasons for using Eclipse:

  • Free, open-source and fully redistributable in source or binary forms under the Common Public License (CPL)
  • Built by a non-profit corporation with over 50 commercial members
  • Implements a clear, cohesive architecture
  • Robust infrastructure that's tested daily by millions of developers through their use of the Eclipse IDE
  • Using a framework accelerates development and decreases cost
  • Large set of standard and extended widgets
  • Good third-party UI design tool support
  • Extensive text processing support
  • Support for drag and drop
  • User configuration and preferences
  • Platform-specific features (OLE, ActiveX)
  • Automatic discovery and installation of updates
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Integrated help system
  • Books, training, and consulting are readily available
  • Open-source, redistributable implementations of many useful capabilities
  • Support for all major desktop platforms
  • Native UI look and feel
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