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CDMA Mobile Test Software Decreases Test Time By 50%

CDMA handset testing time reportedly can be slashed by as much as 50% with TASKIT/CDMA v3.1, the latest generation of the firm's automatic CDMA mobile test software. Version 3.1 increases test throughput levels by 100% and also adds a feature that allows simultaneous comparison of competing handset performance results. The software is said to provide the most extensive suite of tests for evaluating the performance of CDMA handsets in accordance with the latest industry standards specified in IS-98A, J-STD-018, EIA/TIA-98B and ARIB T53 v1.1. The software provides tests critical to handset performance evaluation such as forward traffic demodulation, dynamic range, intermod spurious response attenuation; waveform quality and frequency accuracy; maximum RF output power; FER characterization; receiver sensitivity; and more. Test conditions and results are stored in an Microsoft Access database format for post-processing. The software also enables the user to capture spectrum analyzer test results in graphical format.

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