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Chasing D’bug

Wind River had a lot on its tables, including new and improved debugging support for its Eclipse-based Workbench. Some of the enhancements in version 2.6.1 include expanded debug support for the 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels and Wind River’s Linux 1.4 along with faster edit, compile debug workflows.

Multicore and multiprocessing support was a major point of discussion. Wind River added support for multicore processors from Broadcom Sibyte, Freescale, Intel, and PA Semi. Wind River’s GUI debugger supports both multicore and multiprocessing environments. The company's Ethernet-based JTAG server can handle up to eight cores. It can also support a mix of processors and operating systems.

Developers now have a quick debug launch capability in addition to being able to unlink and relink to systems being debugged. New views have been added for hierarchical presentation with multiple-core environments. Color coding is used to associate information about different cores in multiple windows.

On-chip debugging has been enhanced as well. Direct JTAG debugging comparable to agent-based debugging using tools like GDB is now available.


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