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Communications Simulator Software Adds More Component Models

Communications Simulator Software Adds More Component Models

For the end-to-end design and optimization of communications systems, version 2009 of Visual System Simulator (VSS) software now supports AWR Connected for Rohde & Schwarz. This adds real-world test signals from the R&S WinIQSIM2 instrument software to the simulation to produce greater accuracy than generic waveforms. VSS Version 2009 also adds a LTE communication library, more RF component models, and several measurement enhancements. Added components include the LTE communication library, RF switches with P1dB and IP3 parameters, analog and digital phase shifters that use a digital control word, RF delay blocks that add frequency-dependent phase shift to signals, digital step attenuators and voltage-variable attenuators, an RF combiner and splitter, a two-input/two-output 90 ° hybrid directional coupler, and receive/transmit antenna models. A pre-release of Visual System Simulator software Version 2009 is available now to qualified customers.   For additional details, call AWR Corp., El Segundo, CA. (310) 726-3000.


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