Electronic Design

Compact 8-Bit MCU Module Is Ethernet-Friendly

The RCM3750 from Rabbit Semiconductor combines a 22-MHz Rabbit 3000 MCU with a 10/100BaseT interface. The small module (2.95 by 1.20 by 0.89 in.) features an RJ-45 jack and a 40-pin header. The header exposes the module's four serial ports and 33 digital I/O. The low-power module (175 mA at 22.1 MHz, 150 mA at 11 MHz) also contains 512 kbytes of SRAM, 512 kbytes of flash memory, and a 1-Mbyte serial flash chip. Pricing for the RCM3750 starts at $61. A $329 development kit includes Dynamic C and a royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source code. www.rabbitsemiconductor.com

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