Electronic Design

Compact Workstation Computer Targets Pro Graphics Apps

An enhancement to the Nucleus compact graphics workstation allows users to work in an immersive 3D environment within their favorite pro graphical software applications. By bundling the Nucleus with the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro system, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions from PNY Technologies, and the Planar SA2311W 23-inch 3D monitor, designers, digital artists, engineers, and geospatial analysts now have a single, turn-key solution for working in stereoscopic 3D with a variety of popular apps. Features include a small form-factor mini tower chassis, Xeon and Core i7 processing and up to eight no-tools removable internal 2.5” hard drives for up to 8TB of RAID storage. NEXTCOMPUTING, Nashua, NH. (603) 886-3874.

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