CompactPCI Serial SBC Climbs To 3.3-GHz Speeds

CompactPCI Serial SBC Climbs To 3.3-GHz Speeds

The G22, a 3U CompactPCI Serial single-board computer (SBC), uses Turbo Boost functionality to reach speeds of up to 3.3 GHz. Men Micro’s second-generation SBC, based on Intel’s Quad Core i7, enables serial data transfers up to 12 Gbits/s and full mesh capabilities without additional configuration overhead. The integrated graphics processor, which supports a resolution of up to 2500 by 1600 pixels, transfers content in HD format via two front DisplayPorts (these also can be used as HDMI or DVI connections with an external adapter). Two Ethernet and two USB interfaces are included on the front panel, too. The rear features four USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, two 3G SATA, and three 2G SATA ports, plus a Display or HDMI port, five PCI Express x1 ports, and two PEG x8 ports. The G22 comes with 4 or 8 Gbytes of soldered DDR3 DRAM, complete with ECC. Applications include transportation, industrial automation and/or power generation.


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