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Compiler Lets Developers Create Java Applications

TurboChai compiler, an ahead-of-time compiler, allows embedded software developers to create applications in the Java language, then compile all or portions of the application into native code to promote significant performance increases in the final embedded application. TurboChai takes Java byte code as input, generates ANSI C source code, and then uses the developer's favorite C compiler to generate optimized native code. This architecture allows the embedded software developer to take full advantage of existing compilers and optimizers for multiple target architectures. Because run-time performance is critical for embedded systems, the firm has focused on the integration of TurboChai with ChaiVM, HP's virtual machine optimized for running Java language applications on embedded devices. Developers can use all the benefits of the Java programming language and achieve performance closer to that of C++.

Company: HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY - Embedded Software Operation, MS 47U10

Product URL: Click here for more information

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