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Compiler For PIC MCUs Features Enhanced Code Generation

Hi-Tech Software has released its ANSI C Compiler v9.60: Hi-Tech C Pro for the PIC10/12/16 MCU Family. Based on the PICC STD compiler and supporting Microchip’s PIC10/12/14/16 series of microcontrollers, the compiler comes with Omniscient Code Generation, which extracts information from multiple source files simultaneously, allowing more intelligent state-of-the-art code generation.

Omniscient Code Generation automatically handles memory banking without requiring special qualifiers and optimizes the size of each pointer variable in the user’s code based on its usage. It also eliminates the need for many non-standard C qualifiers and compiler options, while producing optimal interrupt-context-switching code. The compiler customizes the functionality of the included print-library function and automatically analyzes user assembly and object code files.

Hi-Tech C Pro integrates Hi-Tech Software’s IDE, Hi-Tide 3 based on Eclipse, and includes Library Source for standard libraries and sample code for the I/O drivers and a macro assembler, linker, preprocessor, and one-step driver. The product integrates into the MPLAB IDE, MPLAB ICD2, and runs on multiple platforms, including Windows (up to Vista64), Linux, and Mac OS X.

Hi-Tech Software

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