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Compilers Boost Processor Benchmarks

The company's optimizing C compilers were used in 13 of the 28 benchmark results reported by the EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark (EEMBC) for 32- and 64-bit processors. No other manufacturers' compilers, it is claimed, figured in more than five of the 23 posted scores. The categories for the benchmarks were automotive/industrial, consumer, networking, office automation, and telecom. Processor vendors typically run the benchmarks with several different compilers to achieve the best possible results, making the EEMBC benchmarks as much a test of compiler performance and efficiency as they are of processor performance and efficiency. The company's C/C++ compilers are said to achieve the highest possible speed and smallest possible code size on the EEMBC benchmarks over other compilers and perform particularly well with NEC and Toshiba processors. The family of C, C++, EC++, Ada95, Pascal and FORTRAN compilers, together with the company's MULTI 2000 Integrated Development Environment, automate all aspects of embedded software development. Featuring a window-oriented, RTOS-aware source-level debugger, MULTI also provides a graphical program builder, run-time error checker, performance profiler, real-time event analyzer, and source/version control. MULTI also provides instruction-set simulators for most major microprocessors that enable programmers to develop code without having access to target hardware.


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