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Conference Series Explores The Present And Future Of Memory Technology

Location: The Venetian

The Mobile/Consumer Market Trends & Memory Solutions program will examine memory components and their affect on the future direction of mobile/consumer applications. Those in attendance can learn more about memory usage in consumer applications, including DRAM, SRAM and flash. Memory technologies impact deeply on the future of mobile and consumer market trends; these conference sessions are an effort to keep attendees informed on the latest developments.

Industry experts will be on hand to discuss and dissect future memory requirements and solutions. Advance registration runs $150; on-site registration costs double that, at $300.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Mobile phone market status and requirements
  • DTV/Set top box application status and future trends
  • Mobile DRAM
  • Low power SRAM and Pseudo SRAM for mobile applications
  • Package solutions for mobile applications
  • Reception: Mobile/Consumer Market Trends and Memory Solutions
  • Mobile Phone Applications
  • Flash memory and flash memory applications (Part 1)
  • Flash memory and flash memory applications (Part 2)
  • Low-power memory (DRAM, NVM) standardization status
  • Industry Roundtable: How Memory Will Drive Future Consumer Products

For a complete list of conferences available at CES, visit www.CESweb.org/Conferences.

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