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Configuration Tool Shrinks Design Cycles And Costs

Designed for OEMs looking to build long-life products that require minimal customization, the Platform Builder configuration tool allows the company's engineers to provide comprehensive plans for building pre-qualified, un-branded systems. Its primary feature is faster time to market at lower costs. All components are pre-configured, put through quality testing, and have all required FCC, CE, CSA, and UL certifications, eliminating the need for prototypes. The tool also reduces production costs by eliminating non-recurring expenses that often accompany customized products. A design, which takes roughly 30 minutes to generate, is a quote that includes a plan for either how a new part can be integrated into an existing product or how a new system can be built. The quote also includes the total cost of the plan, available inventory, and warranty services. For further information and pricing, call ARROW NORTH AMERICAN COMPUTER PRODUCTS, Englewood, CO. (303) 662-9788


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