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Controller IC Supports Printing, Scanning, Faxing, And Copying

Aimed at multifunction peripherals, the MFC2000 all-in-one controller IC from Conexant Systems supports printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. As a result, this single-chip solution reduces development costs and time-to-market by integrating all the functionality necessary to build a multifunction peripheral. It includes all the hardware, firmware, and software needed for PCs and desktop computers. Designers only have to add a power supply, memory, scanner, and printer engine.

Based on an ARM-7 microprocessor, its built-in data and fax modem provides Internet connectivity, extends document communication to the Internet, and enables a unified messaging environment for small-office and home users. The modem supports V.34 (33.6 kbits/s) specifications for fax machines and V.90 (56 kbits/s) specifications for data modulation. The MFC2000 also includes Conexant's SmartDAA silicon data-access arrangement (DAA) technology, so it can be programmed for use on any public phone network worldwide.

A printer component features a 5-page/min. (color) and 12-page/min. (monochrome) print speed at resolutions up to 1600 dot/in. Its scanner-interface component incorporates an analog front end and a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). These features support contact-image-sensor (CIS) and CCD scanners with up to 36-bit/pixel color depth and 600- by 1200-pixel dot/in. optical resolution. The overall solution supports either USB 1.1 or IEEE 1284 protocol interfaces to the host PC.

The MFC2000 comes with the DeviceGuys PC-host software. Unique features of this package includes "scan to e-mail" and "fax forward to e-mail" functions. These let users create one-touch settings on a multifunction peripheral to redirect scanned or faxed documents to e-mail or even to a web site without a PC.

Packaged in a 256-pin BGA, the MFC2000 comes in two configurations. The CX07201 is a four-in-one solution for color printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. The CX07202 is a three-in-one solution for color printing, scanning, and copying. Both are currently sampling. Production quantities are slated for September.

The company says the devices are competitively priced for consumer and small- and home-office applications.

Conexant Systems Inc., 4311 Jamboree Rd., P.O. Box C, Newport Beach, CA 92658-8902; (949) 483-4600; fax (949) 483-4078; www.conexant.com.

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