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Core Adds Bluetooth To End-Products

BlueARC is an integrated package of synthesizable hardware and software for embedding Bluetooth wireless capabilities into OEMs' end-products. The hardware is portable to the designer's choice of chip-fabrication processes. The BlueARC intellectual property (IP) core is based on the company's user-configurable 32-bit Tangent-A4 microprocessor and a baseband controller and protocol stack. In addition to employing HDL source code for the baseband controller, BlueARC offers integrated USB, Bluetooth profiles, a BlueRF-compliant radio interface, system-on-chip design-support files, software development, and debug tools. BlueARC supports single- or multi-chip Bluetooth implementations and is scalable from a minimum of 12 MHz clock speed for power-sensitive, low MIPS requirements, to higher clock rates for performance-critical applications. Tangent's unique user-configurability lets developers add Bluetooth wireless technology to a wide range of products. BlueARC evaluation kits, based on the ARCangel FPGA development system, will be available early Q1, followed by a full product release in early Q2.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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