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Core Module Interfaces Rabbit 2000 CPU

The Rabbit 2000 Core Module (RCM) provides the essential interface for the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor and users' application-specific hardware. The module is now available stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive development kit.
Measuring just 1.90" x 2.30", the RCM is compact while still encompassing the components needed to launch any custom design. These components include: 40 general purpose I/Os; SRAM and flash; memory I/O interface with13 address lines, eight data lines, and I/O read/write; backup battery interface; master-slave control pins; five eight-bit and two 10-bit timers; four CMOS compatible serial ports; a 25.8-Mhz clock; and the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor.
Price for the development kit that includes the module is $169 and core modules start at $39 each in quantity.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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