Electronic Design

Cortex-M3 Micro Comes With RTOS In ROM

The 100-MHz Cortex-M3-based Tempest series from Luminary Micro incorporates Wittenstein High Integrity Systems’ SafeRTOS in ROM along with the StellarisWare Peripheral Driver library. The Stellaris LM3S9B96 includes USB OTG, CAN 2.0, and Ethernet interfaces. It also has both the media access controller (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) on-chip along with hardware support for IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol. The microcontroller has a 1% on-chip oscillator, 256 kbytes of flash, 96 kbytes of SRAM, and external flash and SDRAM support. It additionally has a 16-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), eight pulse-width modulation (PWM) outputs with dead-band support, an I2S interface, and a host of serial interfaces. The development kit adds a 3.5-in. color LCD, MicroSD card slot, and 1-Mbyte serial flash.


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