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Crosspoint Switch Packs Wealth Of Features

Crosspoint Switch Packs Wealth Of Features

Claiming to achieve exceptional performance, size, and power milestones, the company offers what it’s calling the industry’s first family of crosspoint switches to combine video-specific features with unmatched data throughput capabilities and power management. The family is based on the industry’s largest video crosspoint switch at 290 x 290, the GX3290 which delivers one trillion bits of data throughput per second, a.k.a., 1 Tb/s. With 84,100 unique paths at 3.5 Gb/s, the GX3290 may be the largest, most feature-rich solution for processing video. Sampling now with full volume set for the fourth quarter 2010, the GX3290 comes in a 50 mm x 50 mm BGA package, priced at $2,400 each/1,000. GENNUM CORP., Ontario, Canada. (905) 632-2996.

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