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Crossware Adds MMU Support To ARM Debugger

Crossware’s ARM Development Suite now supports the ARM9 memory management unit (MMU) and fast context switch extension (FCSE). The added support allows developers to quickly exploit the advanced memory management features of ARM9 chips like the Atmel AT91SAM9263 and Atmel AT91RM9200 microcontrollers.

The suite permits full debugging when the MMU is enabled even when complex virtual-to-physical memory translation is being used. The Crossware debugger understands the memory address translation process and can determine which physical memory is being used for different virtual addresses.

Full debugging is also possible when the fast context switch extension is being used. The FCSE allows different processes to easily share the same memory space. The Crossware debugger knows which executable code belongs to each process and can select the appropriate debugging information even though the processes share the same execution address.

The company’s ARM simulator will also simulate the operation of the MMU and the FCSE. This enables code that uses these features to be tested on the developer’s PC before being tested on the target hardware. It also allows developers to explore the operation of the MMU and FCSE without having any hardware at all.


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