Crowdfunding Launches IoT Starter Kit

Crowdfunding Launches IoT Starter Kit

German distributor Conrad is working with startup relayr to support the development and launch of the company’s open-source Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit, known as WunderBar. In March, the WunderBar project successfully completed its campaign on the hardware crowdfunding platform Dragon Innovations, where it achieved 120% funding.

The WunderBar IoT starter kit, together with the relayr Open Sensor Cloud platform, allows software application developers to quickly and easily begin working on wireless applications and building prototypes based on data gathered from the physical world without needing to learn about hardware. The platform includes software development kits (SDKs) for iOS, Android, and Node.js.

WunderBar mimics the appearance of a chocolate bar with seven “chunks” that can be broken off to provide a Wi-Fi-enabled master module with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), plus six detachable smart sensor mini-modules. Each module has BLE, a sensor or actuator, and an on-board battery. The mini-modules provide functionality including light, colour, distance, temperature and humidity sensing, plus an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and infrared (IR) remote control capability.

The WunderBar community of backers also chose a noise sensor to be included on the sixth module. Moreover, the inclusion of a Grove connector from Seeed Studio on the fifth module enables a wide range of additional sensors and actuators that are Arduino compatible to be interfaced with the WunderBar platform.


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