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CSR Bluetooth Silicon Powers Heart-Rate Monitors

The BlueCore Bluetooth silicon from CSR is providing the wireless connectivity needed by the Team2 heart-rate monitoring system to remotely keep track of up to 28 heart-rate monitors. Team2 links the individual monitors to a PDA, PC, or laptop that logs and processes the data via the Bluetooth Access Server Platform from Bluegiga.

The Bluetooth connectivity is provided by Bluegiga’s WT11-A Class 1 module, which uses CSR’s BlueCore4 silicon and Bluegiga’s iWRAP Bluetooth connectivity firmware. Bluegiga’s Access Server, which is based on multiple CSR BlueCore4 chipsets, allows the system to wirelessly collect and analyze data from up to 28 monitors simultaneously. The monitors achieve a battery life of up to 30 hours and a range of up to 100 m.

The system is well-suited for use by sports teams, research centers, and universities to evaluate the performance of athletes. The monitors are water resistant down to 30 m and fully shock resistant, so they can be used by players during field sports. Each system comes complete with PDAs and PC software for uploading the data and providing analysis. The Team2 system will be available at the end of November.

“The Team2 system needs reliable and accurate wireless connectivity, and CSR’s and Bluegiga’s leading Bluetooth technology was an obvious choice to provide this,” said Mika Laine, segment manager, Team Sports Polar. “The heart rate monitors need to work under the stress and conditions experienced by the athletes that use our Team2 system, and by working with CSR and Bluegiga we have ensured that the Bluetooth wireless connection is of the highest quality.”



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