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DAQ App Supports 64-Bit Windows

DAQ App Supports 64-Bit Windows

Thanks to the latest version 5.0 release of the DAPtools software packages, the company’s data-acquisition and control systems can now run in 64-bit Windows systems including Windows 7. All Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards and xDAP systems use DAPtools, of which there are three editions of the DAPtools 5.0 packages: basic, standard, and professional. All three editions enable Windows applications to configure and operate all models of DAP boards in a consistent way. DAPtools software includes an evaluation copy of DAPstudio Software data acquisition development software. DAPstudio allows users to configure and run any number of DAP boards in a system from any PC on a network. MICROSTAR LABORATORIES INC., Bellevue, WA. (888) 678-2752.


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