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DAQ Cubes Add High-Speed Fiber Optic Interface

Further enhancing the company's data-acquisition (DAQ) modules, the DNA-FPPC series 100 Base-FX based DAQ and control cubes employ a fiber-optic interface that extends maximum distance between a PowerDNA I/O Cube and its host computer from the100m, 100 Base-T limits to 2 km. This increase is achieved using standard, off-the-shelf multimode fiber. A singlemode fiber interface is also available that extends the maximum distance to 20 km. In addition to extending range, the fiber interface has the advantage of being virtually immune to all forms of electromagnetic interference. This makes the DAQ cubes suitable for use in high-noise environments such as factory floors, HVAC installations, and power plants. The fiber link also offers near infinite electrical isolation between the computer and the cubes. Single-unit prices for the DNA-FPPC5 with three I/O slots and DNA-FPPC8 with six slots are $1,395 and $1,595, respectively. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES INC., Canton, MA. (800) 829-4632.


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