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DAQ Instruments Record To SD Memory Cards

Emerging as the first to include isolated amplifiers and the ability to record to secure digital (SD) memory cards, the 14-bit, 8-channel DI-718B series data-acquisition instruments stream data to a PC or collect data as a stand-alone data logger. Depending on the model, they are available with either a USB or Ethernet interface. The DATAQ DI-8B isolated amplifier modules integrate with the instruments to create a system measuring 14 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm. System features include a programmable scan list, 14-bit a/d conversion, support for 8 MB to 1 GB SD cards, and sample rates of 4.8 ksamples/s (PC) or 14.4 ksamples/s to an SD card (stand-alone operation). Operating in stand-alone mode, an instrument can supply data upon request via an Ethernet network. Operating power is via any 9 to 36 Vdc source. An ac adapter is provided that supports US and international power standards. The DI-718B series includes four instruments: the DI-718B-U (USB) and DI-718B-E (Ethernet) DAQ systems, and the DI-718B-US (USB) and DI-718B-ES (Ethernet) data loggers. Single-unit prices are $595, $795, $695, and $895, respectively. DATAQ INSTRUMENTS INC., Akron, OH. (330) 668-1444


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