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DAQ Module Delivers Accurate Sound/Vibration Measurements

DAQ Module Delivers Accurate Sound/Vibration Measurements

For sound and vibration measurement applications, the DT8837 Ethernet (LXI) data-acquisition (DAQ) module allows users to sample up to four 24-bit IEPE accelerometer input channels independently at up to 52.7 kHz per channel or 210 kHz total throughput. It also delivers a 24-bit stimulus output and includes a 31-bit synchronized tachometer channel. In TCP/IP Ethernet mode, up to 16 instrument modules may be stacked for parallel operation of 64 separate IEPE accelerometer or voltage inputs. Other features include 1 kV of isolation between any input channel to any other input channel and ±500V to earth ground and four isolated digital output lines employing solid state relays. Price for the DT8837 is $3,995. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.

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