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DAQ Module Meets FeaturePak Standard

DAQ Module Meets FeaturePak Standard

Considered a first, the FP-DAQ1616 data-acquisition (DAQ) I/O module is compatible with the recently-introduced FeaturePak embedded I/O expansion module standard. The module interfaces to host systems via the FeaturePak host interface’s high-speed PCI Express bus interface and provides sixteen 16-bit A/D inputs, sampling at 2 MHz, and a 6-ksample FIFO. Advanced A/D features include programmable input ranges, polarity, mode, and FIFO threshold. The module also offers sixteen 16-bit D/A output channels, with programmable range and polarity, and auto-calibration technology. Small quantities of the FeaturePak module are available in both analog I/O and output-only models, priced at $495 and $325 each, respectively. DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORP., Mountain View, CA. (800) 367-2104.


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