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DAQ Module Performs Current Monitoring

For power-related concerns, the 7832M-02 data-acquisition module measures voltage and current draw in a system at strategic points and verifies that the system is operating within spec. The module includes two independent ac-voltage channels with 120V inputs, two 10A ac-current channels, six 35A/24-Vdc current channels, four 60A/24-Vdc current channels, and 10 24-Vdc inputs for on/off state. Additionally, it supports the identification of circuit breaker trips and early-stage device failures. Data is transmitted via a number of protocols including SNMP, telnet, and serial communications. The module employs a computer and six dual-current sensing modules and is available in kits of six (kit number 72-100-01) ac- and/or dc-current transducer-sensing modules that come with all necessary connection wires. SPECTRUM CONTROL INC., Fairview, PA. (814) 474-1571


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