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DAQ Modules Measure Temperature And Voltage

DAQ Modules Measure Temperature And Voltage

The 6000 Series Ethernet-based data-acquisition (DAQ) modules rely on easy-to-use software for temperature and voltage measurements. The 6222 is a 12-channel, simultaneously sampled, thermocouple input module featuring a 24-bit resolution while the 6230 and 6231 are 12-channel, high-speed, isolated voltage input modules. Each module includes a 24-bit ADC per channel and all inputs are sampled simultaneously at rates up to 50 ksamples/s. Channel-to-channel isolation is 250 Vrms. The 6230 features a ±10V input range while the 6231 offers measurements up to ±60V. Each module also includes eight digital I/O channels. Prices for the 6222, 6230, and 6231 are $2,299, $3,999, and $4,299, respectively. IOTECH, Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4093.


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