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DAQ Modules Service All Modbus Devices

The DIN-100 series data acquisition (DAQ) modules interface any sensor to any computer, programmable controller or processor that uses the Modbus protocol. The modules combine wide-range analog input signal conditioning, a/d conversion, and communicate via RS-485 using Modbus protocol. Up to 246 of these modules can be strung together on a pair of wires. Modules are available for voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, bridge, frequency, and digital I/O applications. Specifications include a measurement resolution of 15 bits, an accuracy of ± 0.02% of full scale maximum, a conversion rate of 8/s, and an input isolation of 500 Vrms. All scaling, linearization, calibration and communication values are stored in EEPROM, eliminating the need for ports, switches or adjustment hardware. Communication features include channel address, transfer rates from 300 to 38.4 kb/s, and parity. Single unit pricing is $180 with delivery from stock to two weeks ARO.

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