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DAQ System Seeks Road Work

Designed for automotive, industrial, laboratory, and mobile applications, the DiSC6 data-acquisition and storage system operates as a front-end system and can act as a recorder using optional tape, disk or solid state drives. Its modular architecture accommodates modules for multiple sensors, including ICP, accelerometers, microphones, CANbus, strain gauges, and artificial heads. An RPM impulse channel is available for order tracking; also available are both serial and parallel digital channels. Other features include six slots with an optional extension to 12, providing up to 72 synchronously sampled channels per system, and a total system bandwidth of 640 kHz with channel bandwidth from 150 Hz through 200 kHz, adjustable on a per module basis. Recording media options include a 50-GB AIT2 drive and 72-GB hard disk or solid-state drives. Additionally, the system integrates a time-code generator/reader unit with GPS time synchronization.HEIM DATA SYSTEMS INC., Belmar, NJ. (732) 556-2318.


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