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DAQ Systems Claim Highly Reduced Test Times

The Cougar data acquisition (DAQ) systems promise to reduce test times for applications that involve high frequency electronic signals. Said to be suited for monitoring signals up to 500 MHz, they are claimed to reduce test times by a factor of up to 10 when compared to using conventional test instruments or VXI-based test systems. The Cougar 2000-2 and 2000-4, two- and four-channel systems, respectively, use real-time digitizer technology with a 2 Gsample/s sampling rate, have 500 MHz analog bandwidths, and up to 16 Mpoints of acquisition memory. The Cougar 1000 and 500 four-channel systems have sampling rates of 1 Gsample/s and 500 Msamples/s, respectively. Each system is housed in a 6U cPCI crate. The Cougar 500 and 1000 are priced at $11,990 and $15,790, respectively, the 2000-2 is $13,890, and the 2000-4 costs $23,290.


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