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Data Acquisition Modules Have 15-Bit Resolution

A new series of isolated and software configurable single-channel modules has been developed for the data acquisition market. The SCM9B-D100 series includes 27 models designed to convert analog input signals to digital data, with the modules transmitting the data via RS-485 to a computer or other processor-based equipment. The modules interface directly to thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, strain gages, voltages, currents, timer and frequency input, and digital input signals. One model also provides digital output signals. Additionally, the modules perform signal conditioning, scaling, linearization and conversion to either linearized ASCII data values or Modbus RTU data values. Up to 247 modules can co-exist on a twisted pair of wires over a distance of 4,000 feet by using RS-485 with repeaters. Each module is a complete single-channel data acquisition system. The modules continuously convert data at the rate of eight conversions per second and store the latest result in buffer. The SCM9B-D100 has 500 Vrms transformer isolation between input and output. Pricing starts at $140. DATAFORTH CORP., Tucson, AZ. (520) 741-1404.


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