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Data Acquisition System Is Compact

Claimed as the most compact, high-speed data acquisition system in the industry, this multi-channel system is suited to monitoring signals up to 500 MHz and allows up to 28 fully synchronized channels at approximately 1/8 the size and power of standard rack-and-stack systems.
Based on the CompactPCI standard and with features created specifically for multi-channel applications, large-scale systems can reportedly be quickly configured. With the company's PC500 embedded 500-MHz Pentium II processor, the user gains optimal speed of processing and data reduction per crates for six cPCI digitizer cards or up to 24 channels at 1 Gsamples/s, or 12 channels at 2 Gsamples/s. Crates can be connected to a main host computer using Ethernet. Power consumption is less than 500W. Pricing starts at $11,990.


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