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Data Loggers Get Global Positioning System Support

Designed for use with the company's LogBook/360 data loggers, the LogBook/GPS software option uses the worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network to record geographic locations during remote and mobile applications. With the aid of the software option, the data logger can correlate latitude, longitude and altitude coordinates with acquired transducer data, allowing the user, in turn, to correlate geographic position with the physical and electrical parameters measured by the data logger.
The company's LogView software, which comes with the data logger, provides an interface for setting up the GPS channels. No programming, character-string parsing or protocol decoding is necessary. The GPS receiver connects directly to the serial port for downloading configurations. The captured coordinates are recorded in units of degrees for latitude and longitude and meters for altitude.

Company: IOTECH INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Mobile
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