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Data Loggers Operate From Batteries

An all new line of data loggers for industrial, commercial, medical, meteorological and other applications, IQ Logger is battery powered and self-contained. The line offers models for recording temperature, humidity, volts/milliamperes, temperature with thermocouples, and events. The loggers offer 12-bit resolution and memory sufficient to store 21,600 12-bit samples per recording session. Software selectable sample rates range from 0.125 second to 24 hours. Battery life is 10 years under normal use, and users can easily replace the AA-size, 3.6V lithium cells. The housing dimensions are 3.1" x 2.5" x 1" and the unit weighs 3 oz. During setup and data download, the logger communicates with PCs via a serial cable supplied with the starter kit. AT THIS SITE: product descriptions, pricing.

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