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Data-Logging & Control Instrument Is Ethernet-Based

The NetScan/1500 is an Ethernet-based data-logging and control instrument designed for isolated, accurate, high channel-count measurements. The unit offers from 16 to 128 isolated analog input channels and is well suited for monitoring temperature, ac or dc voltage, pressure, and other analog and digital inputs. It also features 32 control outputs, which can be programmed to update by means of network control or to automatically respond to pre-programmed limits.Applications for the instrument include monitoring and controlling factory processes, or logging readings in a local-area network or over the Internet. Other features include: simple, low-cost channel expansion; built-in temperature measurement capability; 200V channel-to-channel isolation; and an internal memory that can continue to log data even if network service is disrupted. The unit can be placed anywhere on an existing Ethernet LAN or WAN. Its four slots accept 16-channel, plug-in scanning modules for a total of 64 channels. An optional expansion chassis takes channel count to 128.

Company: IOTECH INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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