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Database App Rides Embedded Bandwagon

Database App Rides Embedded Bandwagon

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Embedded Systems Conference, April 2010 – The next version of RDM Embedded, expected to be released in June, features a significant redesign of the database engine. The new engine takes full advantage of current multi-core processors and the app’s overall speed is as much as 300% faster. Also, horizontal scaling has been improved to take full advantage of hardware, i.e., disk drives, flash memory, RAM, etc. Also introduced, RDMe dataFlow technology addresses the difficult problem of efficiently storing and managing large amounts of data on resource-constrained devices. These devices range from sensors and robots to flight data systems. The technology moves data from one device to aggregation points, business intelligence systems, and/or for distributing the data to additional devices. RAIMA - Birdstep Technology Inc., Seattle, WA. (800) 327-2462.


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