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Datalogger Performs Real-Time Recording

With an option to provide a LCD visual and audible indication of exposure to temperature extremes without downloading data to a PC, the PC Transit Thermometer's LCD can provide more control for temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, clinical specimens, and electronics that must be monitored during transit and storage. The LCD enhancement is available on the single-channel temperature recorder PCT-2000-DLM that senses and records up to 2000 temperature vs. time readings from -40°C to 70°C. The LCD is also available for both PCT-IE-DLM and PCT-E2DLM dual-channel data loggers that can capture 8000 temperature samples from the internal and external probe sensors. External stainless-steel probe sensors are available to monitor temperatures from -100°C to 150°C. The PC Transit Thermometer travels with the shipment and samples and records temperature in intervals from 1 to 255 minutes along the way.


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