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DC-DC Converter Uses Microchip Op Amp, MCU

Citing the breadth of Microchip Technology Inc.’s analog and digital products, Bel Power Inc. has selected two Microchip devices for use in a next-generation Power over Ethernet (PoE) half-brick dc-dc converter. The MCP6291 low-power, high-bandwidth operational amplifier is part of the converter’s current-sensing circuit, and the PIC12F675 8-bit microcontroller provides system monitoring, fault detection and correction, and automated functions.

Mark Masera, Bel Power’s engineering director, noted Microchip’s superior level of technical support. “Additionally, as power density continues to climb, we are forced to consolidate the housekeeping functionality required by a converter into one device that can manage these features,” said Masera. “Microchip’s MCU, op amp, and related support allow us to do all of this in a timely, flexible, and cost effective manner.”

Specifically, the MCP6291 op amp was chosen because of its availability in many industry-standard packages, its extended temperature range and Microchip’s short lead time. The programmability of the Flash PIC12F675 MCU allows Bel Power to modify the system’s behavior to meet specific customers’ needs. Changes can be executed in firmware, without the need for in-circuit component value changes and PCB spins.

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