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Development Environment Aims At Novices

A personal edition of the powerful CodeWarrior software development environment is now available for Java, C, C++ and Pascal. CodeWarrior Discover Programming Edition 3 for Windows is designed for novice programmers as well as experienced developers who are interested in learning a new language. A Windows Resource Editor lets programmers create and modify Windows resources defined in resource script files, binary resource files, and executable files. The software includes the latest version of the CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that features a project manager, code editor, code browser, compilers and linkers, and a seamlessly integrated debugger that lets users edit source code while debugging. The IDE support includes improved support for Windows help, integrated support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for get, check-in and integrated VCS support, and check-out action on single or multiple files, and intellimouse wheel support for editor windows.


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