Electronic Design

Development Kit Chucks Wireless Apps To The Cloud

The iDigi Gateway Development Kit with 3G cellular connectivity kit demonstrates how remote devices can interface wirelessly over cellular networks and integrate into a cloud environment with ease.  It contains all of necessary hardware, software, and documentation for ZigBee-to-3G cellular Internet connectivity. As per the company, the development kit demystifies remote M2M wireless connectivity by providing a proof-of-concept experience in less than an hour. It provides all the sample applications used to generate this experience to get users started with cloud connecting their own devices. The iDigi Gateway Development Kit includes the ConnectPort X4 ZigBee-to-3G cellular gateway, Digi XBee Smart Plug, battery-powered XBee temperature/light sensors, Digi ESP Integrated Development Environment for iDigi Dia/Python development, and related cables, battery, and power supply. Price starts at $499. DIGI INTERNATIONAL, Minnetonka, MN. (877) 912-3444.

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