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Development Kit Suits Machine Vision Needs

Demanding machine vision requirements in semiconductor, electronics and device manufacturing applications can be handled with version 3.3 of ITEX SDK, a high-level API for machine vision application development. The new version has been optimized to handle demanding real-time requirements with minimal impact on the host CPU.New features include a high-performance Interrupt API, the AppWizard project template, support for Visual Basic 5, context-sensitive help, and non-destructive overlays on live images that reportedly place no load on the host CPU. The software also provides advanced functions that can be performed on-the-fly as images are being acquired, including color dot clipping, X/Y decimation, and 24-bit pixel packing.The software's robust Interrupt API is claimed as an industry-first in handling user-supplied interrupt functions in less than 100 µs of an external trigger.


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