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Development Kit Targets NXP LPC2148 Microcontroller

The second product in a family of Advanced Development Kits from IAR Systems, the ADK-LPC2148-R2T, is the first to target an ARM7 device. The ADK supplies all the components needed for full product development and debugging on the LPC2148 microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors. The integrated package offers an entry point for high-level developers and enables a seamless migration for developers already familiar with NXP microcontrollers and with the intuitive IAR Embedded Workbench integrated development environment.

The ADK-LPC2148-R2T includes a BaseLine version of the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, with 512-kbyte code-generation capability and support for the LPC2100 series; an IAR Development Board fitted with an LPC2148FBD64; an IAR J-Trace ETM/Trace probe with 2-Mbyte trace buffer; a trace cable; and the JTAG USB cable. The trace debugging capability enables developers to trace bugs that are difficult to detect by other means.

The NXP LPC2148 is based on a 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S CPU with real-time emulation and embedded trace support. It includes 512 kbytes of high-speed flash memory with ISP/IAP, a 10-bit analog-to-digital controller and a digital-to-analog converter. Its small size and low power consumption make it well-suited for miniaturized applications. Serial communications interfaces include a USB 2.0 full-speed device, multiple UARTs, SPI, SSP, and I2 bus.


The ADK-LPC2148-R2T is available now.


The price of the ADK-LPC2148-R2T is about $4400 Euros (approximately $5320).


Visit www.iar.com.

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