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Development Platform Runs On Spectrum One/24 Networks

Employing a thin-client/server architecture to run applications directly from the host server, WaveLink Studio development platform allows the creation of powerful wireless applications that run concurrently on Spectrum One or Spectrum24 networks. To accelerate and simplify application development, standard programming languages are employed. The platform contains ActiveX libraries that support OLE-compliant languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual FoxPro, Delphi and PowerBuilder. In addition, the library includes over 150 methods and objects for creating applications that satisfy every mobile requirement and control the functions of the hand-held device. An advantage of the thin-client/server architecture is that application revisions can be made from one location, eliminating the need to update each individual device on the network. Other features include real-time performance, local or remote administration, and virtual client, a function that allows applications to be tested or demonstrated from a desktop PC without the use of a RF terminal.


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TAGS: Mobile
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