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Development Software Offered As Free Download

ZiLOG is offering its Developer Studio II (ZDS II) software free of charge via download from the company's website. ZDS II is an established Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing a suite of software tools that support development with ZiLOG's eZ80Acclaim, Z8 Encore!, Z8 Encore! XP, Z8 Encore! MC, and Crimzon MCU product lines. The software suite includes a Microsoft Windows-based project environment, editor, project manager, C compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, simulator, and debugger.

ZDS II simplifies code development and is an extremely useful resource for writing “code snippets” to test ideas or write functions. While many commercial customers are using ZDS II to develop production applications, it makes an ideal tool for embedded software development in an educational setting. Teachers and professors, for example, can use ZDS II as a tool for developing classes and workshops. Students can download the software to their home machines and/or laptops for class work or projects. Design engineers can evaluate the tools and silicon features without the expense of buying a C Compiler upfront.

ZiLOG's software and tools are fully supported by a technical support desk. ZiLOG requests that users register their tool if they require support so it can offer more effective advice. ZDS II can be downloaded at: http://www.zilog.com/software/zds2.asp

ZiLOG Inc.

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